Taraditio User Conference

Planning to attend the Taradito Conference in New Jersey? Then plan way ahead of the conference and download this perfect app. This app is you perfect partner for attending the conference because through this app you can access and view our full workshop schedule, build your own itinerary, and connect with other attendees.


Client:Taraditio User Conference
Projects:Android Mobile Application
Target Audience:Business Man's, Corporate Offices

The Challenge

The requirement was to build a highly advanced mobile app for both iOS and android; the client needed an app that includes different features regarding the Taradito conference along with conference schedule, timetable and task management features.

The Solution

MojoSol IT Services created an app that focused on a very user-friendly experience that includes schedule, timetable and task management features along with proper information regarding the different aspects of the Taradito conference for both iOs and Android.

Responsive Design

As an increasing number of users will be able to access Taradito User Confference on phones and tablets, responsive design was implemented to give mobile users a better experience.

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