Kid-Fit is a web and mobile application featured for iOS and Android users. The app allows users to create and store their music lists and a separate section to create/store/manage short videos. These playlists are downloadable to personal computers or mobile devices. Main features of the application are order management, content management etc. for users. At the admin panel key features included Sales Graphs, Visitor Graphs, Popular downloads, User management and much more.


Projects: Android, IOS, Web Aplication, Admin Panel
Target Audience:Kids, Women, Men

The Challenge

Client had an app idea but needed a firm to take the application from idea to a finished product. Focus needed to be on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), with complete admin support.

The Solution

MojoSol IT Services designed an app that was user friendly and allowed the admin with complete control with the dashboard with a complete reporting system. The admin could even manage users, content, orders and categories. The end-user had complete control over their profiles and selection of searchable content function, with an additional Offline feature that allowed users to download content offline.

Responsive Design

As an increasing number of users will be able to access Kid-Fit on phones and tablets, responsive design was implemented to give mobile users a better experience.

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