Photo Inspect

"PhotoInspect™ is a revolutionary technology that streamlines data collection to quickly turn your inspection photos into valuable evidence. With PhotoInspect™, you can use your mobile device to capture, categorize and upload photos in real-time, freeing you from the hassle of carrying and maintaining extra equipment.

MojoSol IT Services designed and developed PhotoInspect™ that puts YOUR tags at your fingertips, and automatically uploads your photos and data to CDSNet in the background to speed-up and improve your inspections.

Once your records are uploaded, CDSNet provides powerful tools for analyzing your data and generating effective reports. (*requires a CDSNet subscription)


Client: Photo Inspect
Projects: Android, IOS
Target Audience: Worldwide

The Challenge

Photo tag was developed around a great idea that was unique to the market. The challenge was to create an streamline process that would enable the user to capture pictures and uploading them to the servers in real time. Maintaining a huge database of clients with numerous photos attached to each client profile.

The Solution

Our team came up with an effective solution of developing an efficient backend for the app that was able to cater numerous queries and at the same time it was to handle real time photo uploads and downloads so the process becomes streamlined.

Responsive Design

Creation of responsive and user friendly UI was created so that the app does not lack by any means. The app designs contain a specific set of color scheme which was selected after a thorough research from our R&D team.

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