Heart Hayward

HeartHayward is a news and information sharing website that allows user to register and post content about the city of Hayward. The web app was developed using Wordpress with all easy to use plugins that helped administrators to manage users and the content that was uploaded.


Client:Heart Hayward
Projects:Wordpress, Php, JS
Target Audience:Hayward City

The Challenge

Client wanted a creative design for an informational website, with an added functionality to allow user generated content.

The Solution

MojoSol IT Services developed a creatively design user interface on the Wordpress platform, with a blogging functionality allowing users to log in and post content of any kind after registering on the website as a user.

Responsive Design

As an increasing number of users will be able to access HeartHayward on phones and tablets, responsive design was implemented to give mobile users a better experience.

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