Hoboken Parking Helper

Hoboken Parking Helper is here to save you the headache of trying to park in Hoboken, NJ. Never wonder if you're legally parked again. Hoboken Parking Helper tells you the parking rules for each street in the city. It also explains what each rule is so that you don't have to wonder. No more stressing about street cleaning, Hoboken Parking Helper will tell you the street cleaning times too. And don't worry about remembering to move your car. Simply enter the time you need to move your car into Hoboken Parking Helper and it will send you a notification when the time comes.


Client: Hoboken Parking Helper
Projects: Android, IOS, Web Aplication
Target Audience: Hoboken City

The Challenge

Main concern of the client was to provide the users of the app information regarding the parking rules and regulations of the Hoboken city as they were bound to follow strict guidelines like time frame when not to park the car at a certain street, when the street is available for parking so that you may not get ticketed etc. The app also required to alert the user when to move the car parked from a location and when would the parking location be available for use.

The Solution

We absorbed the whole idea of the client and then came up with a user friendly UI to make it easy for the end user to utilize the app. The crust of the application lies in its backend development where all the parking rules and regulations for each of the Hoboken city street where integrated and then presented onto the frontend using a map legend which indicates different parking spaces with different usage option like private parking, residential parking, paid parking etc. This allows the user to find the parking space quite easily and saves the time they have to spend looking for a parking space in such a busy city.

Responsive Design

Strong emphasis was made on a user friendly UI which included the use of responsive designs as the app had to be made responsive for all the phones and tablet devices. The app designs contain a specific set of color scheme which was selected after a thorough research from our R&D team.

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