Run Virtual Races

The application was developed around the concept were people who don't have time in their busy life's for marathons and charity runs but still want to show their devotion for great cause. This app is one of its kind that offers people to be a part of race from virtually anywhere. The working behind the concept is that a user can logon to the application and join any of the listed races that are currently going on. The amount of travelling a person has done throughout the day will be recorded by the app and will be updated in his profile. In the end the person will be awarded by Badges, Coins and prizes as per the distance the person has travelled. An app that not only keeps you healthy but at the same time it is contributing towards a great cause.


Client: Run Virtual Races
Projects: Android, IOS, Web Aplication
Target Audience: Worldwide

The Challenge

Rvr was a project that had a very new concept. The challenge was to construct a framework that would record the distance being travelled and in real time updating the profile of the members for the distance they have travelled. Implementing a score board that will be used for displaying the distance travelled by each member.

The Solution

Our team of experienced developers found a solution to this by integrating GPS to application that will be recording the number of Km / Miles a person has travelled from point A to point B. We developed the back-end of the application that was used primarily for updating the profiles of members and at the same time updating scoreboard.

Responsive Design

Strong emphasis was made on a user friendly UI which included the use of responsive designs as the app had to be made responsive for all the phones. The app designs contain a specific set of color scheme which was selected after a thorough research from our R&D team.

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