Mojo English Pronunciation

The Mojo English Pronunciation App provides a fun for kids to learn study and understand different pronunciations for kids wherever they are. There are two versions of this app one is the free version and it includes very compelling and interactive Phonemic Charts for both British and American English. The App is very easy to use and provides different functionality. Kids can tap to hear a sound, or tap and hold to hear the sound and an example word. The premium version includes wide range of different interactive elements in which you can look up, listen to and record words in the word list; so gear up to discover and learn about different words and its proper pronunciation.


Client:Mojo English Pronunciation
Projects:Android Mobile Application
Target Audience:All Nationalities

The Challenge

The requirement was a to build a highly complex app for kids, the client needed an app that’s not only highly interactive but should also provide certain elements which can provide a sense of fun, enjoyment and engagement for the kids.

The Solution

MojoSol IT Services created an app that focused on a very user-friendly experience which is focused on the kids that includes all the fun factors while they learn about the pronunciations of different words. This app is made possible by MojoSol IT Services using the android app platform.

Responsive Design

As an increasing number of users will be able to access Mojo English Pronounciation on phones and tablets, responsive design was implemented to give mobile users a better experience.

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