Mojo Chat

MojoChat is an in-house app developed by MojoSol IT services. The MojoChat app has unique features that are not available on any other chat clients. The main purpose of developing MojoChat and distribute it to the masses is to provide a platform to people where they can stay connected to their friends and loved ones.


Client:Mojo Chat
Projects:Android Mobile Application
Target Audience:Communication

The Challenge

The requirement was to build a highly advanced mobile app for both iOS and android; MojoChat being a unique app includes different features regarding different aspects of voip chat services along with video and conventional calling to help people connect with one another.

The Solution

MojoSol IT Services created an app that focused on a very user-friendly experience that includes different chat options along with proper profiling, greater user experience and other activites for both iOs and Android.

Responsive Design

As an increasing number of users will be able to access MOJO Chat App on phones and tablets, responsive design was implemented to give mobile users a better experience.

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