WhatsApp reached 100 million Calls a day mark

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WhatsApp has officially announced this news on their blog, According to which WhatsApp users are making 100millions calls each day. Which leads to 1,100 calls a second.

It’s been a year since WhatsApp introduces the voice calling feature on its messaging APP, and now the numbers of daily calls are very impressive and surpassing other voice calling app like Skype. WhatsApp has already announced the Video calling feature to be launch in upcoming months.

There are many reasons behind the success of Voice Calling feature main reason behind the huge number is, the popularity of the APP, as WhatsApp is a must-have-app for every smart phone user. The other reason is that, it uses your Data, you don’t need to worry about local or international call rates as, due to voice over IP service, you are free to call anyone from anywhere around the globe.


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