Our Association

SAM (System for Award Management) is a government body that registers small and medium sized businesses to operate in the US. MojoSol IT Services is a registered company with SAM since its inception.
Amdocs has trusted MojoSol IT Services as their approved vendor for providing various IT related services including Software Testing, Technical Recruitment and Staffing, and Networking Solutions.
A platform for businesses to build alliances with other specialist firms to provide software services, Clutch has recognized MojoSol IT Services as a leading software and professional services provider in the category of Mobile and Web Application Development.
MojoSol IT Services is an approved vendor for Orchestra Technology as an IT services provider. We have built an alliance with them and provide them with Recruitment and Staffing, Networking, Software Testing and various IT related services.
Venture Pact allows businesses to outsource and build alliances with experienced software solution providers for their digital product development. Venture Pact recognizes MojoSol IT Services as a leading provider for Mobile App Development.